Searching for BDIX FTP Server or BDIX TV Server? We have now a mega list of BDIX Servers for Bangladeshi, which will assist you to find your required server. BDIX is an Internet Exchange Point (IX or IXP) of Bangladesh which is the physical infrastructure by means of which Internet service providers (ISPs) Bangladesh and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks. BDIX is a not-for-profit enterprise of the Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh. In case you are a consumer of any BDIX Connected ISP in Bangladesh, then you’ll be able to enjoy the content hosted on BDIX FTP Servers.

BDIX FTP Servers are basically FTP Servers hosted by the Internet Service Providers of Bangladesh. BDIX Servers will be accessed only in Bangladesh with BDIX connectivity. We have now a huge list of BDIX Servers. Discover the FTP Server from our mega BDIX server list. Those servers provide content material in various ways. Some will give you web viewing, some will help you download and some will offer you live streaming. Principally, BDIX servers are categorized into two classes, BDIX FTP Server and BDIX TV Server.

Nearly each website provide entry by way of an nameless ftp server for Bangladeshi customers. However, some websites additionally give entry by way of different procedures. On this article, we need to share 70+ greatest FTP Server in Bangladesh. Have you learnt Expertise impacts your sleeping sample?? If not, please undergo the next article: How Technology Affects Your Sleeping Pattern.

Active FTP Server
  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD
  11. Quick Online FTP
  12. E-Box File Server
  13. IT Base BD
  14. Movie Server – English
  16. Movie Server – Bangla
  17. Dhaka Movie
  18. Seba IT
  19. Panda Club BD
  20. Jhal Muri
  21. Asian FTP
  22. Net@Home BD
  23. Dhaka – FTP
  24. .Net Movie Server
  25. VdoMela FTP 
  26. Media FTP
  27. GenVideos
  28. Dnet Drive FTP
  29. Inspire FTP
  30. Bongo BD FTP
  31. SAM FTP
  32. Mango Gamers
  33. CrazyCTG
  34. MyBDPlex
  35. Net Matrix BD
  36. Quick Online
  37. City Cloud
  38. Kiss Anime
  39. Movie Box BD
  40. BD Lan
  41. DFN DB
  42. Spark Net BD
Torrent FTP Server
Live TV Server
  1. Jagobd
  2. Live Movie Bazar
  3. Star Flix BD
  4. Projapoti
  5. Rangdhanu
  6. Rangdhanu HD TV
  7. iHub Live
Live Radio Server
  1. Radio BD
  2. Audio DFN
YouTube Live TV
  1. NTV Bangladesh
  2. Somoy TV
  3. RTV
  4. GTV Live
  5. Jamuna TV
  6. Independent Television
  7. DBC News
  8. 24 News – Malayalam
  9. Asianet News
  10. AajTak
  11. Al Jazeera English
  12. Manorama News
  13. Channels Television
  14. CNN News 18
  15. Euronews English
  16. ABP Majha
  17. India Today

The article was published on April 10, 2020 @ 8:57 PM

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