Fix Anti-malware Service Executable High CPU Usage.

Here I have to fix antimalware service executable msmpeng.exe high memory, high CPU, disk usage error in Windows 10/8/8.1/7. The error occurs because of the Windows Defender anti-malware service.

The anti-malware service executable occurs because of Windows real-time protection, so if we change the real-time protection setting, then the error would be gone. But by turning off Windows Defender real-time protection may harm your PC. So here I have found the easiest way to fix anti-malware service executable error in Windows operating system.

  1. Search and open Task Scheduler.
  2. Now expand Task Scheduler Library → Microsoft → Windows.
  3. Now scroll down and find Windows Defender.
  4. By select Windows Defender, you will see four different options on the right side, are Windows Defender Cache Maintenance, Cleanup, Scheduled Scan, and Verification.
  5. Now right-click on Windows Defender Scheduled Scan and click Properties.
  6. Now click the Conditions Tab and uncheck all conditions as shown below image and click OK. That’s it.

The article was published on December 22, 2018 @ 12:55 PM

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