In this post, we want to discuss how technology affects your sleeping pattern. Before we get started, if you want to know intel chipsets, please go through the following article: Skylake’s features and chipsets.


Finding people busy on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices is a very common sight. Whether you are waiting in a long queue or traveling, surfing, or playing games on mobile phones has become a habit. Some people can’t sleep without their phones. Using these electronic gadgets, during nighttime can cause severe damage to your health. It makes the person dull, hampers intellectual abilities, lowers eye vision, reduced the immunity system, etc. Let us see some of the adverse effects of technology on sleeping patterns.

Reduction of Melatonin

The blue-colored light that emits from the display of the electronic devices reduces the secretion of an important hormone called melanin. This hormone is responsible for controlling the sleep or wake cycle of a human being. When the levels of this hormone go down then, it makes it very hard for a person to sleep. The best way to relax your back and cure back pain is to opt for the best mattress brand.

Increases alertness at night

Using electronic gadgets at the time of sleep makes your brain more alert. This is not helpful for a sound sleep. To get a night of good sleep, it is very important to withdraw the mind and senses from the surroundings and relax your mind and body completely. Restlessness to check new emails, change, or comment on a photo on Facebook, etc. engages your mind and prevents it from getting settle into slumber. This delays your sleep and many times restricts sleep.

Mental disorders

Sleep is one of the sources by which your body gets energy. It is the time when maximum development and growth-related activities such as the formation of new cells etc. happen in the body. A person who does not get adequate sleep starts to develop symptoms of depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, confusion, inability to comprehend, etc. Sleep deprivation is an invitation to a lot many physical ailments too.


Eight hours of sleep is advisable for a normal adult. When you don’t get sufficient sleep, then your body experiences dullness, mood fluctuation, anger, tiredness, lethargy, dark circles, etc. instantly. The normal functioning of different organs of the body also gets deteriorated.

Immersing yourself in these technological gadgets especially at night time is the main factor that prevents one to get asleep. It is thus very important to refrain from using these devices and calm the mind. This will help you to get quick and sound sleep effortlessly.

Some useful tips to prepare yourself for sleeping pattern

Below are mentioned some useful tips that will inculcate healthy habits that contribute towards a good night’s sleeping pattern.

  • Perform some activities that calm the mind. You can do some meditation, prayer, or chanting that creates a harmonious environment around you.
  • Use a night lamp to avoid switching on the light at night.
  • Keep your phone in a separate room for charging. This will not only prepare the phone for the next day’s use but also reduces any temptation to use the phone.
  • Switch off all kinds of electronic gadgets one hour before going to bed.
  • Instead of using an alarm clock that is inbuilt in your phone, go for a real one. This will prevent you from an excuse to use the phone.
  • If you want to do something, then instead of reading an e-book, a better option is to read a book made of paper (in hard copy form).

As the excess of anything is bad, the use of these electronic devices should also be limited. Making wise and adequate use of technology would help you get its advantages and save you from its side effects.

How Technology Affects Your Sleeping Pattern

The article was published on January 18, 2017 @ 12:13 PM

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