In this article, I want to show, how to copy databases to different hosts or servers in the same network using SQLyog. I am using two different servers with and IP Addresses. Step wrote down:

  1. First, Open SQLYog and connect to (Check and verify IP)
  2. Connect to another IP (Check and verify IP)
  3. Create a new database (BL-27-Cgw_57_backup) at where I want to copy form
  4. Make sure the following two tabs are open, one for another for
  5. On the tab right-click on the live database (cgw_3_0_4_test) and click “Copy Database to Different Host/Server”
  6. From the Dropdown menu select BL-27-Cgw_57_backup
  7. Finally, Click the Copy button with select structure and data

Thanks for continue with us.

copy database to different host or server MySQLyog

The article was published on November 11, 2016 @ 2:17 AM

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