In this article, I want to show, how to copy databases to different hosts or servers in the same network using SQLyog. I am using two different servers with and IP Addresses. Step wrote down:

  1. First, Open SQLYog and connect to (Check and verify IP)
  2. Connect to another IP (Check and verify IP)
  3. Create a new database (BL-27-Cgw_57_backup) at where I want to copy form
  4. Make sure the following two tabs are open, one for another for
  5. On the tab right-click on the live database (cgw_3_0_4_test) and click “Copy Database to Different Host/Server”
  6. From the Dropdown menu select BL-27-Cgw_57_backup
  7. Finally, Click the Copy button with select structure and data

Thanks for continue with us.

copy database to different host or server MySQLyog

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