Do you think you are developing an enterprise web application? Or think about which language is the best choice for enterprise web applications? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place.

.NET and Microsoft community have done a historical transition through the new modular framework, ASP.NET Core. Before this transition, .NET was limited merely to the Windows platform.

Along with the ASP.NET Core, cross-platform development with Linux and Mac has been incorporated. Apart from this, .NET Core made the extensive utilization of Cloud, Mobile, IoT based solution and mobile back-end.

So, now let’s explore more about ASP.NET web development through ASP.NET Core development and find out why companies can make the most out of their web app development endeavors with it.


Key Reasons to Choose ASP.NET Core for Enterprise Web Application

All Platforms Supported with Command Line

Through ASP.NET core you can get the command line support for each of the Platforms whether it is Windows, Linux, and Mac. The command line can be used for building a new application, implementing an application as well as hosting many apps.

Framework Modularity

In this core framework, all can be managed by the nugget package. Thus, it is effortless to upgrade the new framework devoid of releasing a new version of the .NET framework. Furthermore, in ASP.NET core development, any community can just release the novel NuGet package version with the aim that the user can get the newest changes via updating the packages.

Effective Library Utilization

It also gives support for nugget packages for the whole logical library. Thus, rather than loading the entire library, you can load the needed portion. Through ASP.NET core, one can reference load only needed components for a particular project. In this manner, the library is optimized as well and a lightweight app is built.

Cross-Platform Support for the Apps

You can create applications that are effectively supported on platforms such as MAC, Windows, and Linux. This helps in creating a .NET app using any platform that can be hosted anywhere. It is achievable with the assistance of specific tools as well as a command line for building up applications by making use of any OS with the help of Visual Studio Code.

Embracing the Cloud

Cloud computing is a buzzword in the present trend of the technology market, so why the tech giant Microsoft would be laid back? This framework also provides support in the cloud environment. With the assistance of ASP.NET core, one can create a cloud-based application like a mobile back-end, IoT app, web application on the cloud, and many more.

Open Source Paradigm is Followed

Open Source platform and software is a trend in the present market. Microsoft, staying updated with the trend has chosen open source by ASP.NET Core & has made it available on GitHub. As there are many benefits of moving to open source, the most important one is the reduction of price in hosting .NET apps through the .NET core framework.

Last Note

In the present ever-evolving industry, you can see constant improvements in frameworks, languages, methodologies, and tools. The ASP.NET Core Development is a wonderful evolution of the .NET framework that has been considered too rigid as well as monolithic concerning modern app development.


ASP.NET Core development framework can help enterprises to get the most benefits for their web development endeavors.

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