This is a new feature intorduced in SQL Server 2008. Table valued or table type parameters in sql server provides option for the Client Applications to pass multiple rows of Data to Stored Procedure. In this post, we discuss about how to use table type parameters in SQL Server.

Prior to this, if we were needed to pass multiple rows of Data from client application to SQL Server, then we use to model the input data as xml and pass it to the stored procedure and in Stored Procedure convert this xml to a table variable/temporary table. In this article we will not only go over this Table-Valued Parameter we will also understand how to call the Stored Procedure with Table-Valued Parameter from Sql Server and C# .Net Code.

First we need to Create a User Defined Table Type which can be reused in multiple stored procedures as input table parameter data type.

Now let us create a simple stored procedure which takes CustomerType User Define Table Type which we have created previously.

Using Stored Procedure With Table Valued Parameter in Sql Server.

Table type Parameters in Sql Server

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