DBeaver Ultimate is a full-featured toolkit for database management with native support for leading cloud services: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Take your database management workflow to the highest level with DBeaver Ultimate.

DBeaver is a database management solution that helps businesses sort, edit, analyze, and filter business data in a structured format. It offers an integrated SQL editor that allows software developers to create, execute, and store scripts using data profiling and formatting features.

DBeaver allows enterprises to create and export visual diagrams of database objects to external applications and manage metadata in a single platform. Features in the app include storage management, incident tracking, real-time monitoring, security management, analytics, and more. 

Download DBeaver Ultimate Edition 23.2 (Click Here)
  • Database Support: Quick connection to a large number of Relational, NoSQL, and Cloud databases are supported.
    • Relational Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and others
    • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, and others
    • Cloud Databases: Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle Cloud, and others
    • Native Supports: AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • In-depth Data management: Edit, analyze, and visualize data with the powerful data editor. Transfer data between different databases. Import and export data in multiple file formats.
  • Powerful SQL Editor: Flexible ability to search, write, and execute scripts with autocomplete and highlighting determined by the database. Use query history and execution plan to manage your scripts.
  • Cloud Explorer: Get unified access to cloud databases: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Explorer allows you to manage all databases located anywhere in one workspace.
  • S3 Browser: The S3 Browser is an easy way to access all files stored in any region. It allows you to upload, store, share, and save files just like you would in a regular file system.
  • Advanced Security: Keep your data safe. DBeaver supports modern security standards for database connectivity (SSO, SSL, SSH, and more) and is integrated with AWS IAM, Azure, and GCP authentication.
How to activate DBeaver Ultimate?
  1. Install the program but do not run it.
  2. If the JRE is not installed on your system (the java command in cmd encounters an error), download and install the JRE here as well.
  3. Then at the start menu, search Command Prompt and right-click -> Run as administrator.
  4. Move the keyMaker.jar file to the root of the C drive and type the command: java -jar c:\KeyMaker.jar and enter it to run KeyMaker.
  5. In the window, first, click on Patch and Open the two files com.dbeaver.lm.core_******.Jar and com.dbeaver.app.ultimate_*******.Jar in the Plugins folder in the path of the program installation and get the message – Success: Patched file and – Patching done – (Note: ******* is actually a number that is different in each installation. Just go to the end of the plugins folder to find the file).
  6. Then click on Generate to produce the license.
  7. Run the program, click on Import License, and copy and paste the license generated there. The app is now ready to use.
DBeaver Ultimate Edition 23.2

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