In this post, we want to discuss about how to use computer keyboard with emulator. Before we get started, if you want to know about how to solve vm_web2 installation error, please go through the following article: Launch error from installation ‘vm_web2.exe’.

This topic describes how to use the keyboard with Windows Phone Emulator. The emulator supports mapping of the hardware keyboard on your development computer to the keyboard on a Windows Phone. The behavior of the keys is the same as on a Windows Phone device.

By default, the hardware keyboard is not enabled. This implementation is equivalent to a sliding keyboard that must be deployed before you can use it. Before you enable the hardware keyboard, the emulator accepts key input only from the control keys.

Special characters on the keyboard of a localized version of a Windows development computer are not supported by the emulator. To enter special characters that are present on a localized keyboard, use the Software Input Panel (SIP) instead. This topic contains the following sections: Enabling and disabling the hardware keyboard, Keyboard mapping.

Enabling and disabling the hardware keyboard

To enable the hardware keyboard in the emulator

  • Press the PAGE UP key.
  • Press the PAUSE/BREAK key.

To disable the hardware keyboard in the emulator

  • Press the PAGE DOWN key.
  • Press the PAUSE/BREAK key.
Keyboard Mapping

The following table lists the keys on a hardware keyboard that you can use to emulate the buttons and other controls on a Windows Phone device.

Computer hardware keyWindows Phone hardware buttonNotes
F1BACKLong presses work as expected.
F2STARTLong presses work as expected.
F4Not applicable.
F5Not applicable.
F6CAMERA HALFA dedicated camera button that is pressed halfway.
F7CAMERA FULLA dedicated camera button.
F8Not applicable.
F11Not applicable.
F12POWERPress the F12 key twice to enable the lock screen.

Long presses work as expected.

ESCBACKLong presses work as expected.
PAUSE/BREAKToggle KeyboardToggles the hardware keyboard.
PAGE UPKeyboard UpEnables the hardware keyboard.
PAGE DOWNKeyboard DownDisables the hardware keyboard.
Use computer keyboard with emulator

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