In this article, we want to discuss the top reasons why you should convert your website HTML to WordPress. Before we get started, if you want to know about the things you should know before launch your website, please go through the following article: Things you should know Before Launching a Website.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS available today. It has great UI/UX and allows publishers to easily create, edit, manage and publish content on the website without having any deep programming knowledge. If you are a business owner and still using text-based static HTML websites, then you’re missing tons of opportunities for your business.  In this world of the digital era, you don’t require to code and spend too many hours building a static website.

There are too many user-friendly and advanced CMS platforms designed to make website creation and management as easy as possible. From plenty of CMS platforms, we suggest the best CMS system that is WordPress! It’s not just a blogging platform, it can be used for all types of websites. Here are top reasons why your website should migrate from HTML to WordPress Theme:

Why WordPress – Open Source and Easy to Manage

It is free! Open source can be used without any limitations and restrictions. It means you can host your website anywhere and way you want to, and adding further you don’t need to be an HTML expert to work on this website!

Dynamic CMS Solution

HTML website is the combination of static pages with lines of hard codes. Each of these web pages is equal to one HTML file having layout and design. You need to have HTML knowledge in order to make even text changes. However, the WordPress website is very easy to update, admin users get a panel from where they can make the updates from the HTML editor. This is one of the main reasons why WordPress is preferred. Originally, WordPress was developed for blog publishing purposes with a lot of inbuilt functions, but now with the latest releases, WordPress has grown as a complete CMS system.

Developers Communities

WordPress has a huge community of professional developers to help you with your site for free.  It has a large, active community that spread over the world to give tech support, exchange creative ideas, and make WordPress better for everyone.

Plug-ins Support

Want some more functionality and features on your website?  You simply need to add a plug-in for that! There are thousands of free WordPress plug-ins available on that add extended functionality to your website.

Professionally Designed Themes 

There are over thousands of free themes available that can allow you to have a stunning and professionally created website without any extra cost. You can get themes from the official WordPress Theme Directory and from premium commercial sites like ThemeforestElegantThemes, etc. Most of the themes are responsive so you don’t need to worry about making them mobile-friendly. You can also consult us to get a custom theme for your business.

SEO Benefits

Optimizing your website and content is the worst thing we hate to do. According to Matt Cutts, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” And with SEO plug-in like Yoast SEO plug-in, your website can be more SEO-friendly.

Direct HTML to WordPress Conversion

Although, there are many HTML to WordPress converter tools available in the market. However, you can’t get the best results with direct tools to compare to manual/custom coding.

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