In this course, you’ll take your Java skills to the next level by using the expert instructor’s systematic teaching and helpful examples. He’s tailored this course for the individual who has learned the basics of Java, so arrive with a general background and a desire to learn.

  • Start programming in Android w/ over 35 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Understand most programs in Java
  • Edit files in Java, including how to zip & unzip files
  • Work w/ Java networking to send files & user input remotely
  • Use recursion to solve problems much faster than w/ conventional Java techniques
  • Use Java to solve real world problems

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1.   Willkommmen, Introduction, and Important Information
2.   Installing Java
3.   Installing Eclipse

Dynamic Arrays and Their Applications
4.   ArrayLists
5.   Reverse Method
6.   Alphabetize Method
7.   Print Method
8.   Establishing User Commands
9.   Running Sorter

File I/O
10.   String File Reverser and Downloading Source Code
11.   Reading A File
12.   Reversing The File
13.   Byte Stream
14.   File Zipping
15.   Unzipping a File
16.   Finishing Zipper
17.   Serialization
18.   Transporting Objects

19.   LinkedLists
20.   HashMaps
21.   Enumerations

22.   Printing with Generics
23.   Sorting with Generics

24.   Fibonacci
25.   Pascal’s Triangle
26.   Why Recursion

27.   Creating Thread One
28.   Creating Thread Two
29.   Sleep Threads
30.   Join Threads
31.  Interrupted Threads

32.  Pre-Requisites
33.  Http Requests Part 1
34.  Http Requests Part 2
35.  Http Requests Part 3

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