Follow the Instruction:

  1. Go to My Computer > Manager>Service& Application>service>Diagnostic Policy service>double click>stop>manual>apply and ok.
  2. Start>power option>show additional plans>High performance.
  3. Start>Control Panel>system>advance system settings>performance/Settings>adjust for best performance.
  4. Start>run>%temp %> delete all file.
  5. Start>run>temp>delete all file.
  6. Start>tree>enter.
  7. Start>chkdsk>enter.
  8. Start>prefetch>delete all file.
  9. Start>run>msconfig>service>hide all Microsoft service>apply>Ok
  10. Start>Run>regedit>HKEY_Current_user>control Panel>mouse>MouseHoverTime>value 10.
  11. Start>Run>regedit>HKEY_Current_user>control Panel>desktop>MenuShowDelay>value 10
  12. Open my computer>Driver properties> disk Cleanup>scan complete, select all and clean and system setting>again select all and ok and delete.
  13. Start>defragment>select driver>optimize
  14. Task Manager>Service>enable or disable your choice.

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