We all recognize that Linux operating system is one in every of the major operating systems for hackers, IT professionals, and different professionals, however still many computer users put in Linux on your system as a twin boot. therefore today’s tutorial is predicated on your android smartphone together with Linux operating system. In this tutorial, you’ll be learned that however you’ll run any Android application on your Linux based mostly OS. Before we tend to begin the tutorial we tend to should have slightly intro of Linux Operation system that may be a well-liked package platform for computers, however, android is additionally one of the key package platforms for smartphones. the most reason of this tutorial is for the android smartphone users, perhaps there are less Linux system OS users still as per average individuals Linux system is that the system software (operating system) that individuals use to stay in their laptop or desktop which is that the method of twin boot. And if you’re having Associate in Nursing android device want to run all your Android Applications on Linux computer then rush to the below steps to get started.

Steps To Run Android Application on Linux OS.

  1. Download Google Chrome on your Linux computer (To run Android application you need a Google Chrome extension)
  2. While installing Google Chrome you will be prompt to enter the sudo password – enter those passwords and then let the process of installation complete.
  3. Install ARChon in Linux, download as per your computer specification 32-bit or 64-bit.
  4. Now after download complete, go to your File Manager and to the Download Folder where you have downloaded your ARChon, now extract that file there only.
  5. After extraction you need to change the name of a newly created folder to archon, after that move that folder to Home Directory by right click on archon and select move to Home.
  6. All done, now just restart your Google Chrome and click on Menu at the top right corner of the Chrome window, from that menu select More Tools -> Extensions.
  7. Now you are into chrome extension window, make a tick on Developer Mode, Now Click on Load Unpacked Extension you will be prompt a window from there navigate to your Home and then select archon to open. (Now your Google Chrome have another extension moniker archon! Exit from Google Chrome. Now back to your Android Smartphone leaves you computer alone.)
  8. Download and install ARChon Packager on your Android smartphone, use this application to generate APK file of any of your Android application for your PC.Note: Create apk files and to do that use ARChon application and follow the instruction of that application from there you have to select your application to convert them into APK files and then find those apk file to keep safe within your Android file manager because later on after this step you need to move all those apk files to your Linux computer.
  9. After generated your APK files then those transfer files from your Android file manager to your Linux computer, (transfer you apk file to any directory of Linux)
  10. Now from your Linux computer navigate to your directory where you stored all APK files and right click on each file to extract here.
  11. Now open you Google Chrome web browser and open the extension window and click on Load Unpacked Extension and navigate to your extracted APK files and click on Open, do this one by one or select All at once if you have many extracted APK files.
  12. All done now just you need to restart your web browser and you will be able to see a button in the upper left corner labeled Apps, click on that and your android application is ready to run.

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