In this post, we want to discuss about reasons why SEO is a continuous process. Before we get started, if you want to know about how to increase your blog traffic, please go through the following article: Discover 15 ways to increase your blog traffic.

As we all know, Internet marketing has changed the worldwide marketplace phenomenon. Undoubtedly Internet is a very competitive place to do business at any level.  From business goals to converting quality leads, every digital marketer keep focused on digital marketing strategies with precision and effectiveness.

This digital marketing strategy depends upon how business utilizes its marketing tools. And the search engine optimization stands at frontend from all marketing strategies. Forrester Research has given the statement with putting organic web search at the top of the traffic sources list. Moreover it includes that SEO is just not a one-time deal and quick fix.  You should maintain a continuous SEO campaign regularly and these are the following reasons that will tell you why.

Your Competitors are performing continuous SEO campaign

There are about hundreds and thousands of websites that are similar to your product and services. Each one is targeting the same potential audience and publishing similar content for services and products. If you plan to compete with them, then it is necessary to do something special and strategic that makes your website stand out, both to visitors and search engines.

Search Engine Continuously change Algorithms

Search engines algorithms’ are constantly updating and evolving with time. It is essential to know how they evaluate it and give ranking to the websites for their search results.   Algorithms updates such as Google’s Panda, Penguin and recent mobile friendly update affected most up to 3 to 7.5% of queries.   These updates also affect your current established ranking and that’s why continuous SEO campaign can keep your website search engine friendly.

Continuous SEO maintains your Page Ranking

Potential of your website to get good ranking on search engine results depend on how you regularly conduct SEO activities.  As mentioned earlier, SEO is just not a one-time activity. You stop your SEO activities; your website page ranking can drop from established current ranking.

Online Marketplace is continuously evolving

It is universal fact that the online marketplace is continuously updating and evolving with new technologies, gadgets and products. And potential online user will definitely search for these products with keyword variations. If  you will implement content and social media post with those potential keyword then ultimately you can be in limelight with quality users and leads. Just you have to be in continuous online activities.

Changes in search user behavior

With continuous changes in user search behavior, you have to do keyword research on regular basis with noting down new opportunities.  Every day, there are many new products, topics and news that are worldwide and socially trending in the market.  And if anything is related to your business services and niche, then you must update to your website

Fresh Content

Content is the essential part of successful SEO campaign. Whether the content is for landing page, blog or paid advertisement – PPC, your content should be well optimized with proper keywords, image tags, and header tags. Ideal SEO suggests that updating the content weekly on website helps you to gain good rank than those who doesn’t. Because the Google algorithm always searches for the fresh and quality content.

Reasons why SEO is a continuous process

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