Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue is a free bootable antivirus program that’s a little different than its competitors. Instead of running a virus scan before booting into the operating system, Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO attempts to shut down all other running programs (including malware) before launching a scan. Download Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO.

Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Pros & Cons: This program is easy to use and looks great, but it may not be what you’re after:


  • Lets you scan any file or folder, or the entire hard drive
  • Runs as a regular program with a standard user interface
  • Updates are downloaded automatically before scanning
  • Works with Windows XP through Windows 10
  • Relatively small download size (~180 MB)


  • A bit harder to use than similar programs
  • Resolving threats may not be as effective as with similar software

Install Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue: Click the Download button on the download page to grab the ISO file for Panda Cloud Cleaner. Once it’s been downloaded to your computer, it will be called PandaCloudCleanerFull.iso.

Start a Virus Scan with Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue: Once you’ve booted to the disc, choose your language from the first menu and then accept the license agreement to get started. Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO will search for the Windows installation and then, when it has found it, will tell you to press any key to restart the computer. Next, you’ll want to remove the Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO program from the disc tray and press Enter to boot into Windows.

Windows will start up normally but instead of loading all your programs, Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO should be the first and only program running. If it’s not, click the arrow next to the words “Advanced Tools” near the top right of the program, and select Kill all processes. Every program Windows doesn’t need to operate normally will close down, leaving Panda Cloud Cleaner running.

Now you have two options for what should be scanned. You can choose the large Accept and Scan button to scan the entire hard drive for malicious items, or select the drop down next to it and choose Analyze other elements… to define what particular folders and/or files should be scanned.

My Thoughts on Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO: Compared to similar bootable antivirus scanners, I don’t much like Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO in that it requires the operating system to be running before launching a virus scan. This means if your computer can’t be started because of a virus, this program will do you no good. Though if you are able to login properly, and would like to just use Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO to run a regular virus scan, I appreciate the “Kill all processes” feature. This makes you better assured that any running malware has been shut down, and thus able to be removed.

When scanning is complete, threats are categorized in sections like Malware & PUPs Found, Unknown Files & Suspicious Policies, and System Cleaning. Choosing any category will let you see the specifics like the name of the threat and its location on the computer. Just select what you want to remove and then restart your computer once they’ve been deleted.

I say above that cleaning out malicious files with Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO may not be as effective as with other bootable antivirus programs. I say this because other bootable scanners are able to scan every single file because the operating system isn’t running, which means neither is the malware. This program, however, operates while the OS is functioning, which could mean some viruses could be lingering in the background and won’t be detected properly.

Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue

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