Hello everyone after some best amazing articles about SEO, Blogging, Make Money, today we are here to talk about a most important topic. But what is this ? The answer is On page seo. Yeah, we all know that off page activities are most important to rank on Google. But what about On page seo, it is also important as off page seo. Then today in our this article we will tell you everything about On page seo. So if you are reading this article then I am dam sure that you are a blogger, because we know that these tips are useful for bloggers only. So as a beginner you have to know everything about On page seo after that you have to try for off page seo.

In our starting we were also confused about how to do a good seo, then we found some tips about On page seo and these are really helpful for us, so we are going to share our tested tips and we will tell you everything step by step. In this field, I mean in blogging we have to face a rush competition and it depends on us that how to run faster, and, in fact, it depends on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the one n only most important thing in blogging it can increase your blog traffic, if you have proper knowledge of SEO then don’t be worry you will be rock, blogging can give you everything, you can earn a lot, your hard work can make you grand.

Then guys onsite seo is not so tough to do or to understand, we have to use some unique tricks and strategies and we can understand onsite seo very easily , we have to focus on some special things which are most helpful to rank your post on google on 1st page. So lets read this full article to know more about onsite seo.


So we are going to tell you everything about On page seo. Seriously guys it is too much important for every website or blog so you have to read about this very carefully. Lets have a look.


So are you going to write a new article on your blog, but what is the base. Hey, it is too much important. You have to choose a proper keyword to write. I will highly suggest you keyword planner to search or choose a best and proper keyword to write a new blog. Because it is the first thing which can affect your post a lot. So just be careful about your topic or keyword. Just imagine if you are going to write something about seo then what type of seo, On page seo, off page seo or overall. For this, you have to search for the best keyword in keyword planner.


Yeah now you have a keyword to write a blog, then the next important thing is, the title of your post. It can effect on visitor’s mentality, now you thinking how ? Just think that you are writing about how to make backlinks, You give a normal title, How to make quality backlinks, and, on the other hand, any other blogger writing the same article and he give a title, Easiest ways to get a lot of quality backlinks. Then just think which one is best. So your title is most important which can attract visitors. Now you have to choose a proper and best article for your article.


The most important thing ever, your writing skills can make your visitors your fan, hey seriously if you are using a proper professional way to write then a person who visit your site, I am dam sure he/she will be back again and he will be bookmarked your site. Then what about way of writing. We always suggest you to write inspirational. Just write to motivate your visitors, and see the magic, you will be BOOM. Within a short time period, you will get permanent visitors. So just write proper and unique, Unique! yeah, unique, don’t copy, if you have unique content on your site then no one can stop you to grab the success. So just write unique and be unique and see the miracle.


It is the best thing to bound your visitors, always write informative and natural. Don’t use outer lines to make your article longer, just write point to point and related to your title. If you write a natural article then it is too good for your website or blog.


Then now you are going to write an article, so I will tell you a magical trick. You should write longer, at least, you have to write a post of 800 words and it will BOOM. It can rank on google easily. You have to broad your topic, your writing skills will help you to write longer and good. So just try to make your post longer and be ready to see the magic.


You can read a lot of articles and they will suggest you to keywords stuffing, It means use more and more keywords in your article. But we never suggest this, in fact, it is a fake and the bad way to write, and if we wanna do a good On page seo then we should write proper and informative only never use fake and extra keywords to attract visitors. It can damage your site’s authority. So just write informative and you will automatically run faster.


You have to link your previous post with related keywords. It means if you are writing a post about On page seo and your previous post was about keywords then you can add this keyword in your current post and then your can link that post with your current post. It can give you high traffic, like if your visitors are reading this post then your visitors will also read your previous post because you had linked you previous post.


Use your keyword in H1 and H2 heading, at least, one or two times. It can effect your post internally. It is the best way to broad your focus keyword. So use these headings with your focus keyword.


Yeah, the one n only most important thing, after writing a post you have to set a focus keyword for your post in Yoast SEO ( We highly recommended Yoast SEO plugin personally). Your keyword must be used in your post much time. If you had written approx 1000 words then you have to use your focus keyword in your post at least 7-8 times. Don’t use more, you have to set keyword density maximum 2% don’t use more than 2%, and don’t make it less than 0.9%, it can effect your post a lot. So just be careful to choose your focus keyword. Don’t forget to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your post.


Be sure that your focus keyword contains in your title and URL. It is a major factor of On page seo. So just make your URL with your focus keyword and add you focus keyword in your post’s title also.


You must be add and alt texts in your images because seo friendly images can give you a lot of traffic. If your images are ranking on google images then you will get extra traffic on your blog or website.

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