New Year Resolutions – Easy to Make and even Easier to Break and if you’re the kind of person who makes some New Year Resolutions for other, Moreover maybe you have decided to hit the gym or promised to finally kick those bad habits. Then everyone knows, it’s not going to be work anywhere.

If you are a website owner then, instead of wasting in time for other resolutions like losing weight or cleaning your garage, you should look out (new year resolutions) for your website. The essential things are that, your website can’t implement your resolutions by itself, any more than your brothers will. So you will have to do them yourself. Maybe you have lots of planning and promise about your website in 2016 and you couldn’t get enough results because of choosing some wrong strategies. Yes, it’s time to make those planning to be successful with having best online presence.

Website Cleaning: How is your website functioning? Is your website having some broken links or take too much time to load? Make a resolution to get your website faster and with having no broken links for the beginning of 2017. The internet market place is very competitive, and it is getting more difficult to rank in the top search engines results pages. A clean website will let you focus on SEO and online marketing strategies without worrying about a holiday mess on your homepage. And if your website is infected with virus or malware spam, then you should make your website in maintenance mode for some time and must check with virus scanner tools.

Analytics: In actual, Website traffic monitoring is vital to the success of any website owner. Tools like Google Analytics let you see how your website is performing, where traffic is coming from, and how customers’ behavior and interaction towards your content. Here is the time to analyze which pages or blog post have more traffic and which have lower bounce rate.  Moreover, you can filter ghost traffic from analysis to get rid of future occurrences. You can set Goal for your strategic pages such as inquiry, thank you or contact us.

Moreover, do you have setup search console and Bing Webmaster Tools? It checks website indexing status and optimizes visibility of their websites.  Note: Configure your website with https:// if your website has SSL certificate.

W3c Validation: Make validate your content with W3C Validation. World Wide Web Consortium allows users to check HTML code for web formatted markup. This validation is required for enduring the quality of Web Pages.  In results, W3c helps to improve search ranking and give better user experience.

Duplicate Content: Do a search to see if your content exists elsewhere on the Web or not! And make sure you have removed the dummy content.  You may want to check outcome and use it regularly.

Build a Brand: A business website is only as valuable as its traffic.  A brand is created from audience knowledge, services consistency, uniqueness and having competitive exposure.  That’s why you should look out to build a pool of high quality potential customers who will do more than scratch the surface of your website.  Engage more and more for getting your brand’s feedback. Make your brand in the way that they will come back with just your business name. Check your Brand Name with KnowEm  for username search availability on every social media platform

Content Marketing Strategy: If you have gone to the gym regularly you know how it goes. The arrival of new beginners at gym from the New Year is obvious unsteady. However, the essential things is the guys who practiced as per schedule even if he missed some practices in one day, he did more practice on the next day.

The same can be applied to your website content marketing strategies. It can be quite easy to jump right in and post new articles 5 times a week of January, but is that type of content strategy sustainable? It doesn’t matter, how you update your site with fresh content, but it is important that you have followed regular schedule with providing meaningful content to your potential customers.

New Year Resolutions for your website

If you want to build authority and want to get good ranking go for guest blogs, PR submissions, strategic keyword research and scheduled social media post.

If you are planning to empower with your website in 2017 and still confused about strategies, then we are here! Let’s discuss about your website strategies and get done soon!

New Year Resolutions for your website

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