AMD Ryzen processors are aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts who want a high-performance CPU. Ryzen processors are available for desktop PCs, and will soon be in laptops and servers. For desktop PCs, the more affordable Ryzen 3 range is coming and a super-high-end 16-core monster dubbed Threadripper is coming this summer. AMD Ryzen | TechAid24

The flagship eight-core Ryzen 7 1800X costs only £499 ($499) – half the price of Intel’s eight-core i7-6900K. However, it’s the mid-range chips that are likely to be the big sellers, and the Ryzen 5 1600X is almost twice as fast as the Intel Core i5-7600K in the multithreaded Cinebench R15 test.

It’s obvious how the naming scheme is designed to help buyers: Ryzen 7 = Intel Core i7, and Ryzen 5 = Intel Core i5. Ryzen 3 coming in a couple of months and Ryzen 9 may launch this summer too.

What is Threadripper?

At AMD’s Financial Analyst Day on 16 May, Jim Anderson teased a few details of a new CPU range that would target ultra-premium desktop systems in an ‘all-new HEDT platform’. (That’s High-End DeskTop for the uninitiated.)

AMD Ryzen | TechAid24

Nothing apart from the core and thread counts were disclosed, but it means that the AMD vs Intel battle is hotting up. Details have only just leaked of a potential Core i9 range of CPUs coming soon from Intel, but they top out with a 12-core chip with 24 threads, if you believe the rumors.

But there are leaks on AMD’s boat too: WCCFTech has detailed the entire AMD Ryzen 9 lineup, which you can see below. They have the same 44 PCIe lanes as the rumored Core i9 chips. Whether these are correct or not, the announcement from AMD means they will have the most cores and threads of any consumer desktop processor ever.

Product LineModelCores / ThreadsBase Clock (GHz)Boost Clock (GHz)TDP (Watts)PCIe lanes
Ryzen 91998X16 / 323.53.915544TBC
Ryzen 9199816 / 323.23.615544TBC
Ryzen 91977X14 / 283.54.015544TBC
Ryzen 9197714 / 283.23.7140W44TBC
Ryzen 91976X14 / 283.64.1140W44TBC
Ryzen 91956X12 / 243.23.8125W44TBC
Ryzen 9195612 / 243.03.7125W44TBC
Ryzen 91955X10 / 203.64.0125W44TBC
Ryzen 9195510 / 203.13.7125W44TBC

The new range is said to be much larger than the current Ryzen 7 and 5 CPUs, and won’t work with the AM4 socket. Instead, like Skylake X in the Intel camp, it will use a new platform with a choice of X390 or X399 chipsets.

AMD Ryzen prices and specs
Product LineModelCores / ThreadsBase Clock (GHz)Boost Clock (GHz)TDP (Watts)Included CoolerPrice
Ryzen 71800X8 / 163.64.095N/A£499 / $499
Ryzen 71700X8 / 163.43.895N/A£399 / $399
Ryzen 717008 / 163.03.765N/A£329 / $329
Ryzen 51600X6 / 123.64.095N/A£249 / $249
Ryzen 516006 / 123.23.665Wraith Spire£219 / $219
Ryzen 51500X4 / 83.53.765Wraith Spire£189 / $189
Ryzen 515004 / 83.23.465Wraith Spire£169 / $169

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AMD Ryzen news – release date, UK price, features and specifications

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