Skylake is that the codename for Intel’s sixth-generation vary of Core laptop computer and desktop computer processors. They’ve already been outmoded by the seventh-generation CPUs. however Skylake is not dead nonetheless. No. Intel has launched Skylake X CPUs, that square measure the high-end enthusiast versions.

Interestingly, Intel is not exploitation the Core i7 stigmatization because it has worn out previous years however add a brand new number: nine. The Core i9 vary may be in response to AMD’s Ryzen processors, that were named to appear kind of like Intel’s Core i5 and i7 ranges.

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Rather than cut profit margins and contend on value, Intel could be making an attempt to position the new chips as ‘better than Ryzen 7’ by employing a higher range. AMD, of course, has already declared its Threadripper vary, that is anticipated to be branded Ryzen nine. Intel has trumped AMD’s 32-core flagship chip with the 36-core i9-7980XE monster, however AMD may be keeping an analogous chip covert for currently.

Pricing will be key, though, and the $1999 i9-7980XE will hit any wallet hard.

When is the Core i9 release date?

Release date: June 2017*

At the chips’ launch at Computex 2017, Intel same the new processors would air sale “in the approaching weeks”. *That applies to the Core i9-7900X downward. The i9-7920X can persist sale in August, whereas the highest 3 chips do not nonetheless have a political candidate unharness date. Originally, Skylake processors (including the Core i7-6600K and Core i7-6700K) went on sale on five August 2015, and also the locked-multiplie desktop chips launched at the beginning of Sep 2015.

What are the Core i9 models and specifications?

Core i9Core i9Core i9Core i9Core i9 Core i7Core i7Core i7
Cores / Threads18/3616/3214/2812/2410/208/166/124/8
L3 CacheTBCTBCTBC16.5MB13.75MB11MB8.25MB8MB
PCIe lanesTBCTBCTBC4444282816
Base clockTBCTBCTBCTBC3.3GHz3.6GHz3.5GHz4.3GHz
Turbo 2.0TBCTBCTBCTBC4.3GHz4.3GHz4.0GHz4.5GHz
MemoryTBCTBCTBCTBCQuad channel DDR4 2666Quad channel DDR4 2666Quad channel DDR4 2666Dual Channel DDR4 2666

The longsighted can note that there square measure 3 Core i7 models in this chart: Skylake-X is not only Core i9. (However, the i7-7740X is predicated around a Kaby Lake Core). there is additionally one Core i5 model. These cheaper processors square measure aimed toward enthusiasts United Nations agency need associate overclockable processor on a tighter budget. they need 1MB of L2 Cache, that is fourfold the maximum amount because the Core i7-7700K. All Core i9s support quad-channel DDR4-2666 RAM.

X299 chipset

Here’s how the X299 chipset compares with the X99 chipset:

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