HTML5 is that the latest standard for html, an umbrella term for following generation of web apps. With HTML5, the language has become an animal tissue that holds together a host of different technologies. Audio, video, pictures, words, headlines, citations, open-ended canvases, 3-D graphics, e-mail addresses–it enables you to say that these items exist and offers the means that to drag them into one solitary page. it’s also cross-platform. whereas it’s been in development for years, in October 2014 the world Wide web association standardized it and currently we have a tendency to shift our website over to the new language. YouTube, as an example, switched from Flash player to HTML5 last month. And your business’s web site should take into account creating the switch too. A short about HTML5:

  • HTML5 is changing into a replacement standard. modern browsers all support HTML5 allowing developers to use all the new and exciting options it offers so as to form additional dynamic finish results.
  • HTML5 is quicker and cheaper. This makes whole method quick and extremely satisfying for the developers themselves.
  • HTML5 is modern. HTML5 it’s a replacement iteration of CSS specification together with modern browser support for visual styling. this permits achieving nice trying effects like rounded corners, shadows or animations inside couple lines of code, instead of by heavy image slicing techniques.
  • HTML5 enables you to do things previously not possible. Things that may previously need external plugins like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight square measure currently doable during a browser through HTML5. serious support for animations and transition permits the likelihood to form difficult dynamic visual effects through CSS3 instead of flash.
  • HTML5 supports mobile devices. it’s currently easier than ever to develop web site or Associate in Nursing web application in HTML5 which will be deployed on each desktop and mobile devices. HTML5 is supported throughout the entire spectrum of mobile vendors so permitting to deliver content – your product, your service to big range of shoppers.

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Introduction to HTML5
1.  Starting HTML5
2.  Introduction to CSS
3.  Building the first application
4.  HTML5 Syntax  [Example]

HTML5- Syntax 
5.  HTML5 Tags
6.  HTML5 – Continued
7.  HTML5 Elements
8.  Webforms  [Example]

Introduction to CSS3
9.  CSS Basics
10.  CSS -Continued
11.  Fonts in CSS3
12.  Making a simple App  [Example]

HTML5 – Canvas and Drawing
13.  HTML5 Canvas
14.  HTML5 Graphics   [Example]
15.  HTML5 Graphics Part 2

HTML5 – Multimedia
16.  HTML5 – Audio
17.  HTML5 – Video
18.  HTML5 – Video Part 2

Advance HTML5  
19.  Websockets
20.  Webworkers
21.  Web messaging   [Example]
22.  Course Summary

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