Secure Hash Algorithm 1 or SHA-1 hash value is typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long used by organizations like Google, Facebook etc uses SHA-1 hash value for secure connection between their services and clients. Being it is an important part of establishing a secure connection between two end points and developers may need it frequently i think it is worth explaining about how to get SHA-1 hash value for a application.

If you are using android studio use simple step

  1. Run your project
  2. Click on Gradle menu
  3. Expand Gradle task tree
  4. Click on android-> signingReport and see the magic
  5. It will tell you everythingsigningReport of Android Studio
  6. Result Under Run Tab If Android Studio < 2.2Sha1 Key of Android Studio < 2.2
  7. From android studio 2.2
    Result will be available under Run console but use highlighted toggle buttonSha1 Key of Android Studio 2.2

Second Way :

  1. Create new project in android studio New -> Google Maps Activity| TechAid24
  2. then open google_maps_api.xml xml file as shown in pics you will see your SHA key| TechAid24

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