Flash drives could be a memory stick, multimedia card (MMC), secure digital card (SD, SDHC, SDXC), smart media card (SM), Solid-state drive (SSD), USB drive, xD-Picture Card (xD), etc. No matter what type of flash drive you are using, it always provides an easy platform to transfer data from one device to another.

However, at times, you might face connectivity issues with flash drive to a Windows system or another device with a USB port and find that it is not showing up. This problem could be a result of multiple issues, such as logically damaged drive, corrupt file system, dead USB port, driver issues or a dead USB drive etc.

In order to resolve this disappearance issue manually, you need to try different methods and find out which one will be best suited as per your requirement. Here is the list of all the solutions you need to follow to make an unrecognized flash drive visible on a Windows PC:

  1. Check Disk Management: First, check whether your flash drive is recognized by the disk management or not. If yes then try to format it as at times, improper formatting could also be a reason of a flash drive disappearance in ‘Computer’. Or you can also try to assign a new drive letter to the Flash drive under disk management. Occasionally, the connected flash drive use the drive letter that is already in use by a different drive. Make sure, the new drive letter doesn’t used by another drive already.
  2. Check USB Port: If still you are facing the same problem then continue to the next section to determine why your flash drive is not recognized. You can try to connect your Flash drive to another USB port on the same computer. If it works then possibly you may have a dead USB port. If the problem still continues, then connect your drive to other computer and check whether now it is recognized under ‘Disk Management’ or not.
  3. Update the Driver: If all of the above solutions doesn’t work then possibly your need a driver update. You can check for this using the Device Manager and update the driver if required.
  4. Format the drive: At the end, if all the above explained processes do not make your drive appear, then drive formatting is the best way to make it accessible. At times, partially formatted drive may become invisible and couldn’t be accessed. To resolve this, you need to format it once again and see if you can now access it as you use to.
  5. Use data Recovery software: Make sure, you have restored all important file from your flash drive before final formatting as this process will remove complete data stored on your flash drive. To do this, use Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software to restore all the inaccessible files from the Flash drive and search for all the lost files on the flash drive.

It is always safe to use a professional tool if you have some really important data on your inaccessible flash drive and manual fixes doesn’t help you in making drives accessible or recovering data.

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