F-Secure Rescue CD is a free bootable antivirus program that may check for viruses in spite of what system software you are mistreatment. The interface is simply text, and thus does not allow you to use your mouse, however there are not any advanced choices to form things confusing. you’ll need a scan started when simply a couple of commands.

F-Secure Rescue CD Pros & Cons


  • Lack of advanced options makes starting a scan quick and easy
  • Updates are performed automatically (no intervention needed)
  • Updates can be installed offline
  • Download is smaller than most similar programs (~130 MB)


  • No advanced options means it’s not as advanced as its competitors
  • Updates are performed automatically (no option to skip/stop them)
  • No graphical user interface

Install F-Secure Rescue CD

On the download page, under the “Download & Instructions” section, click the “Rescue CD 3.16” link to download the ISO image for F-Secure Rescue CD. Whether you want to install F-Secure Rescue CD on a disc or a USB device, the same file will be used by both installs.

My Thoughts on F-Secure Rescue CD

F-Secure Rescue CD is one in every of the foremost simplest bootable antivirus programs I’ve ever used. you want to use your keyboard to navigate the menus, however it’s still terribly straightforward to figure with. simply choose Start scan from the most menu to induce started. you will have to be compelled to ensure a license agreement however shortly once, you will be asked what you need to scan. it’ll show the detected onerous drives also because the choice to scan the master boot record of all the drives. Press the Space key to select/deselect the choices and then Enter to begin the scan.

It’s unfortunate you cannot use your mouse to pick choices, however there square measure still some stuff you will do together with your keyboard whereas a scan is current. {you’re able|you square measure able} to press Alt+F5 to check the present files that are being checked, Alt+F6 for an inventory of any malware that has been found throughout the scan, and Ctrl-C to prevent the scan.

I like that F-Secure Rescue CD checks for virus definition updates mechanically before a scan is started, however it also can be viewed as a negative factor if you wish to begin a scan straight off and not watch for updates to transfer.

Offline updates also are useful thus you’ll transfer them to a USB device from a distinct laptop if the one in question has no web association. See the User’s Guide for a lot of info on this.

Download F-Secure Rescue CD

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