Dr.Web LiveDisk is a free bootable antivirus program that supports updates, is extremely simple to use, includes advanced options, and, in addition to scanning a whole hard drive, lets you selectively scan any file or folder you wish. Note: This review is of Dr.Web LiveDisk version 9. 

 Dr.Web LiveDisk Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Graphical user interface
  • Easy install options
  • Supports custom scan settings
  • Supports updates
  • Includes other useful tools


  • Download is 600 MB in size

Install Dr.Web LiveDisk

The easiest way to install Dr.Web LiveDisk is to a USB device, though you can create a bootable disc instead if you wish. To install Dr.Web LiveDisk to a USB device, choose the link called “Download the Dr.Web LiveDisk recording utility onto a USB drive free of charge” from the download page. Open the program once it has been downloaded and select the device you want to install Dr.Web LiveDisk to. Nothing needs to be installed to your computer for this to work because the burning software is completely portable. Once the USB device or disc has Dr.Web LiveDisk installed, you must boot to it before the operating system starts up. 

My Thoughts on Dr.Web LiveDisk

I like Dr.Web LiveDisk over most other bootable antivirus programs not only because of its ease of use but because so many of its advanced settings are customizable. Use the Update Virus Databases shortcut link on the desktop to perform updates to Dr.Web LiveDisk, and select Dr.Web CureIt! to launch the virus scanner. You can start a full scan instantly or choose a custom one that allows you to scan any file or folder. Selecting custom locations to scan is super handy because you can drill through the folders like you would in Windows Explorer and simply place a check mark on the ones that need scanned.

In Dr.Web LiveDisk’s settings is where the real customization comes into play. You can exclude any files or folders from being scanned and optionally enable email files, archives, and installation packages to be included in scans. In addition to the above, custom, automated actions can be taken for any number of malicious items. For examples, you can delete, ignore, or move hacktools, jokes, dialers, and adware to quarantine automatically if those types files are found. You can also choose what happens to infected, incurable, and suspicious files when they’re found so you don’t have to apply those actions after the scan has completed.



Download Dr.Web LiveDisk


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