YouTube is the most widely used online video streaming service in the world. Users can view, upload new videos, and share these videos. If you are searching for the best online downloader, then TechAid24 is the best place for you. Sometimes you need to download the videos for yourself.


In this post, we recommend you 17 best online downloaders for Download Youtube Videos. So you can download free YouTube videos and without any effort to download unlimited videos.


How to download YouTube videos

There are two types of YouTube downloaders as Online and software-based downloaders. With the former, you can easily download YouTube videos without downloading any kind of software on your PC/devices. Downloading Youtube Videos can be difficult if you have an internet speed problem, so make a speed check of your internet connection before downloading.

You can copy the URL by right click on a YouTube video. And you need to insert the URL in the insert box as shown below: Then you will have options to download the video in different formats like MP3(audio), MP4, WebM, AVI, MOV and more or less depending on the website.

Well before using any free YouTube downloaders Online or YouTube Video Downloader Software, keep that in mind that downloading YouTube videos through a third-party app is against the Terms of Service of YouTube, which allows you to only stream videos. If you do not own the video, you do not have permission from the copyright owner or the video is not in the public domain then downloading the video is a potential copyright infringement.


17 Best Online Youtube Downloader 2020

The number one on the list of best online YouTube downloaders is VidPaw. VidPaw allows you to download online videos quite easily. Well, the feature that makes VidPaw stand out from all online downloaders is that instead of copy-pasting the URL of the video. VidPaw allows you to search for YouTube videos directly on the website.
3. BitDownloader
BitDownloader is a free web application that allows you to download videos from multiple sites without any additional software or user registration. The sites include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, V Live, and other websites. This free online video downloader helps you to download videos easily and very quickly. It supports video formats including MP4 and WebM. It also supports video quality up to 720p.
4. Clip Converter

Clip Converter is a free web application for media conversion. This web application allows you to record as well as convert and download any online audio or video file to other formats. You only need the URL of the video to download the video on your device. Currently, Clip Converter supports websites including YouTube, Vimeo, and many more. It is a free tool and very easy to use.

5. Y2Mate is a convenient online YouTube downloading service. It has an inbuilt search function that allows you to access any video by entering related keywords or you can enter the URL of the video you want to download. Furthermore, the formats supported by include MP4, WEBM, MP3, AAC, M4V, 3GP, WMV, WMA, FLV, MO, etc. Also, it provides you with high-quality video downloading.
6. YouTubNow

YouTubNow is a web application that offers to download of YouTube online videos freely for offline streaming. It supports up to 10 different languages. YouTubNow provides a convenient way to download YouTube videos. You only need to copy-paste the URL of the video. No need to click any Download or Start button YouTubNow will process your request and show you the result. You can use this tool free and without any user registration. 

7. VideoSolo Online Downloader

VideoSolo has already provided us with lots of useful services like DVD Creator, Blu-ray Player, Video Converter, and Screen Recorder. Now it has launched an online YouTube downloader. Besides YouTube videos, it also supports downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. It is compatible with all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge. So no problem with usage.

8. KeepVid.Works

Keepvid is an online tool that helps to download Youtube videos with HD resolution. It has an Mp3 converter to convert Youtube videos to MP3 quite easily. You can download music in mp3 in a very fast and easier way. You can download unlimited YouTube videos for free through this website. 

9. SavetheVideo is a free web application for downloading and converting videos. It supports many websites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and many more. Before downloading, you do not need to install any additional software on your device. You can download the video in the same format as youtube or convert it to a different format. Furthermore, this site offers output quality of up to 1080p.

10. KeepVid.Pro
KeepVid.Pro is a free web application that enables users to download Youtube videos. Also, users can convert YouTube videos to MP4, or other video and audio formats. This online Youtube video converter downloads videos from various websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break, Lynda, Netflix, Hulu, Soundcloud, Liveinternet, etc.
11. Online Video Converter

OnlineVideoConverter allows you to convert your favorite YouTube videos to different formats and download them on your device without installing any additional software. It is compatible with almost all browsers. Various formats available are (audio formats)MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, (video formats)M4A, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, MKV, FLV, WMV, WEBM, M4V, and 3GP. 

12. Get Video is a free web application that allows you to download videos from YouTube and Vimeo for free and very fast. It is quite a convenient way to download your favorite video in different formats including mp4, WebM, audio, 3gpp, and x-flv. Furthermore, it supports output quality 480p, HD, FullHD, and UltraHD. A desktop application is also available for those who want quicker and faster service.

Best online YouTube downloader for desktop

These are the free YouTube downloader for the desktop that you need to install on your device first. And then you can download free YouTube videos.

13. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a free tool for easy YouTube downloading. It is very simple to use. It contains a lot of customizable settings. It is one of the best software for YouTube downloading. In addition to that, it is ad-free and doesn’t include extra software. You can also select the location where you want to download the file. Moreover, both audio and video formats are available. It also supports 3D and 360-degree videos as well.

14. Any Video Converter Free
Any Video Converter Free is a free YouTube downloader for your PCs. But with such a downloader there is one drawback. That is the free version of the downloader has a downloading limit of one video at a time. So if you want to enjoy the other perks of the software you need to buy the Ultimate version for $59.95. Well, the free version is all you hope for in a downloader.
15. Free YouTube Download

Like all other downloaders, Free YouTube Download is a very simple and free YouTube downloader that does the job. The download method is easy. It just requires copy-pasting the URL from YouTube and then downloads the video with a few clicks. Well, the Auto-Download option does not require any clicks. Moreover, you can download multiple videos at once. You can convert the videos into various formats available in the downloader. 

16. Keep Vid

KeepVid All-in-One Online Video Toolkit is a free web tool through which you can download videos. You can download videos from YouTube as well as other sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. Most importantly, the only thing you need is to get the URL of the video that you want to download. Then convert the video easily through the KeepVid converter.

17. Fast From — the best youtube downloader and provides free service and differs from other video downloaders in that you can download all videos from a YouTube playlist or channel with one click using the “Free YouTube Download” feature. You can upload YouTube videos embedded on another website, and add new URLs as you download and set video quality, save youtube videos and download history and search for titles in your downloaded videos. It also makes it easy to determine the quality and type of videos on YouTube.


Out of the 17 best online youtube downloaders, the best and my favorite is Firstly, it is because I have been using it for almost 7 years. Also, it is fast and easy and you can download any video from youtube as well as other websites. Well, my second-best choice is VIDPAW and the third-best is Y2MATE. Both have amazing features like both have an Android version available. So you can use it on your phone.

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