Bitdefender Rescue CD is just what it sounds like: a free bootable antivirus program you can use to fix your computer if it has been corrupted from a virus infestation. You can update the program and scan any file or folder you want, without having to check entire partitions for viruses. Note: This review is of Bitdefender Rescue CD v2, last updated on December 16, 2015.


Bitdefender Rescue CD Pros & Cons

  • Virus definitions can be updated easily
  • The graphical interface is simple to use
  • Full control over what you’re scanning
  • Supports advanced scan options
  • Large download (~650 MB)
  • Takes a long time to start up



Install Bitdefender Rescue CD

From the download page, choose the link called “Bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso” to download the latest version of Bitdefender Rescue CD as an ISO image. Next, you must burn the ISO image to a disc and then boot to it from your computer to use the program.


My Thoughts on Bitdefender Rescue CD

If you’d rather not install the desktop version of Bitdefender to your computer, I think the Rescue CD is a great option to still get some of the benefits of the virus scanner but without having to boot into the operating system. From the settings, you can choose to Enable the file drop zone to place an always-open box on your screen so you can drag and drop single files or whole folders into it to be scanned by Bitdefender. This is in vast contrast to most other bootable antivirus programs, which usually allow only whole hard drives to be scanned and not specific files.

Some other useful options include excluding certain file types from scans, enabling archive files to be scanned, and scanning files that are smaller than a particular size. In addition to a virus scanner, a shortcut on the desktop of Bitdefender Rescue CD makes it easy to download and install the free remote access program TeamViewer.

Download Bitdefender Rescue CD


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